Automotive sector, which has a systematic production line, acts with full time working principle. Transport of parts that will be integrated into the automobile and spare parts that has to be transported to service networks is essential for the automotive sector. As Capella Transport we n-move according to production planning in automotive spare parts transport. We pay attention to making timely deliveries in this sector which we prioritize product safety. We can partially and fully transport automotive spare parts. Also, with our minivan express service, we make 48-72 hour operations between European countries and Turkey. We also offer seaways and airways transport option besides road.
Aluminum, which is a light but a pretty strong type of metal, is used in many sectors notably automotive and structure. It must not be damaged during transport from one production site to another. Otherwise formed structural damages may prevent achieving enough efficiency from produced product. As Capella Transport we realize all logistic operations for all aluminum products between European countries and Turkey. With our vehicle infrastructure suitable for roll, plate and other products, we provide and safe transport during the route. We effectively use road, intermodal, seaways, airways transport in this field in which we perform partial and full transports.
Textile sector, which has an important place in export of Turkey, is the cornerstone of dressing and fashion. Different type of vehicles may be required for textile products which are usually carried In cartons and hangers. As Capella Transport textile products between Turkey and Europe with our vehicle infrastructure suitable for your textile products in cartons and hangers. We deliver all your textile products without damaging them, from door to door, production points to stores, in this sector which we perform partial or full transports.
Products such as iron-steel, plastic, electronic, food and beverage are included in the industry sector in which raw material for many subsector in realized. Both export and import may be required in industry sector which has a wide range. As Capella Transport, provide our customers advantage with our logistic services provided towards the needs of industry sector. We organize weekly trips between Europe and Turkey for industry sector in which we can partially or fully carry different type of products. We provide alternative options for our customers with intermodal, seaways, airways transport options besides road.
Health sector is critical for continuation of human life, to prevent diseases, injuries, infectious diseases. As Capella Transport we safely carry all health products to the target point in suitable temperature. We can deliver many products such as medical products, notably medicine, hygienic materials etc. to desired countries without temperature and value loss thank to refrigerated vehicles. We regularly make weekly transport between European countries and Turkey, carrying load partially or fully.
Cooling/heating products, which are also commonly used in industrial fields besides outdoors and indoors, are especially sought after in winter and summer. As Capella Transport we safely deliver products such as air conditioner, refrigerator, electric heater and cooler to delivery point without damaging. We act with regards to the sensitivity of the products in this sector. We regularly make weekly transport between European countries and Turkey, carrying load partially or fully.
Transport of chemicals used in agriculture, cleaning, medicine, cosmetics and fuel requires special know how and experience. As Capella Transport we can carry all chemicals that are considered dangerous or not, according to ADR legislation. We make regular, weekly trips between European countries and Turkey and take all the necessary precautions along the route.
Cosmetics sector, which includes many fields such as hygiene, beauty and makeup, is sought after in every time of the year. As Capella Transport we provide logistics services in line with fast changing nature of the cosmetics sector. We can partially or fully carry different cosmetic products. We provide advantages with intermodal, seaways and airways transport options besides road transport.
FMCG sector, also known as Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, is the most important component of today’s consumer world and trade. It includes many products from packed food to desserts, from beverages to ready to use cleaning products. As Capella Transport we arrange specific logistic organizations for the needs of FMCG sector. We take care to prevent products from spoilage during transport from production facilities to general stores and depots. We provide partial or full transport services for FMCG products between European countries and Turkey abroad and in 81 provinces domestically.
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